Ardha Chandrasana Benefits and Steps

Ardha Chandrasana or the half-moon pose is a yoga asana that holds great importance. This yoga pose considers the energy of moon in great symbolism. According to Ayurveda moon and sun are two energies of opposite nature in the human anatomy.

The significance of this asana is to channelize the moon energy or the lunar energy within the body. This asana gets its name from the Sanskrit language and is a combination of three words, the word “asana” means yoga posture, the word “ardha” means half, the word “Chandra” means moon.

It’s an intermediate yoga pose, make sure you know the fundamentals and are able to do Triangle Pose before you attempt Half Moon. You would go from Triangle to Half Moon to Downward Facing Dog.

This posture is considered to very graceful and it helps in activating the opposing sides in the human body of a person. In the way the moon is the perfect balance between the sun and the moon, this yogasana is responsible for balancing the body while laterally extending the torso and the leg.

There are many benefits of the Ardha chandrasana. It is responsible for strengthening the body and correct its alignment.

Ardha chandrasana Steps –

1. Stand in Tadasana.

2. Step your feet wide apart. Inhale and extend your arms out to the side.

3. Turn your left foot in slightly; turn your right leg out directly to the side.

Ardha Chandrasana Benefits

4. Exhale and bend your right knee and place your right fingertips about 10 to 12 inches in front of your right foot.

5. Inhale and lift so you are balancing on your right leg and hand. Extend your left arm fully above your left shoulder.

6. Keeping your attention to your balance focused on your pelvis, turn your head to look up at your left hand.

7. Hold for a few breaths, then bring your left hand to your hip and turn your gaze down to the floor. Exhale bend your right knee, and slowly bring your left leg down to the floor behind you.

8. Bring your hands to your hips, keep your legs engaged, and slowly come back to Tadasana. Repeat on the other side.

Ardha Chandrasana Benefits –
Physical Benefits –
  1. Improves circulation
  2. Increases energy to the spine and low back
  3. Strengthens the arches, ankles, knees, and thighs.
  4. Stretches the hamstrings.
  5. Opens the chest and hips.
  6. Relieves menstrual discomfort and sciatica.
  7. Improves balance and coordination.
Mental Benefits
  1.  Builds focus.
  2. Develops willpower.
  3. Stimulates the mind.
  4. Relieves stress.
Contraindications –
  1. Knee injury.
  2. Neck injury (keep gaze forward or to the floor).
  3. Low blood pressure.

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