Bally Privacy Policy – Keeping Your Info as Safe as a Well-Thrown Ball!

Hello, Team Bally! Let’s huddle up and talk about something super important but less exciting than a game-winning goal – your privacy. Here at Bally, we guard your personal info like a goalie guards the net.

What We Collect and Why: The Game Plan
Just like a coach needs the right info to make a game plan, we collect some details to make your shopping experience a slam dunk. This includes the usual – your name, email, contact info, and what you buy. It’s all about making your time with us as smooth as a perfect dribble.

Cookies: Not Just a Halftime Snack
Our website uses cookies, and no, they’re not the kind you dunk in milk. These digital cookies help us understand your shopping plays – what you like, what you scroll past. It’s our way of making sure we’re always upping our game.

Your Info: Locked Down Tight
We treat your personal details like they’re top-secret playbooks. We use them to improve your Bally experience and nothing more. And we definitely don’t pass them to other teams (read: third parties) for advertising.

Security: Stronger than a Goalpost
We go all out on security, making sure your data is as safe as a ball in a mitt. Think top-notch digital defense, the kind that keeps all the unwanted players out.

Your Rights: You Call the Plays
You’ve got the power to call the plays on your info. Want to see what we’ve got on you? Update it? Ask us to forget you ever shopped with us? Just drop us a line.

Policy Updates: Keeping It Fresh
Just like the rules of the game can change, so can our privacy policy. If we make changes, we’ll let you know – no surprise moves here.

Got Questions? We’re Here to Coach You Through
Wondering about our privacy practices? Need more details? Just reach out. We’re here to answer your questions and make sure you feel as secure with our privacy policy as you do with a ball in hand.

Remember, at Bally, we’re all about fair play, both on the field and off. So, shop with confidence, knowing we’re always looking out for you.