Bally Refund and Return Policy – Keeping the Game Fair and Fun!

Hey there, Ballers! Got a Bally product that didn’t quite make the team? No worries! Our Refund and Return Policy is here to make sure you’re as happy with your purchase as a player on game day. Let’s roll through how we can make things right. 🏀🔄

Not Scoring Points? Let’s Sort It Out!
If your new ball isn’t hitting the sweet spot, or it just isn’t playing the way you expected, you’ve got a few weeks (think the length of a short sports season) from the time you receive it to make a call on a return or exchange.

The Play-by-Play on Returns:

  • Step One: Get in touch. Shoot us a quick message to let us know you’re planning a return.
  • Step Two: Pack it up. The ball needs to be in its original condition – no signs of a rough match.
  • Step Three: Send it back. Just like passing the ball, send it back to us for the next steps.

Scoring a Refund:
Once we get the ball back and do a quick check (like a referee inspecting the game ball), we’ll process your refund. The funds will bounce back to your account, ready for your next play.

Exchanges – Swap It, Don’t Drop It:
Wrong type of ball? Need a different size? We’re on it! Let us know, and we’ll help you find a ball that’s a better fit for your game.

A Few Game Rules:
Remember, some things can’t be returned – like a ball that’s seen a lot of game time and isn’t in sellable condition anymore.

Questions? Shoot!
Any doubts or queries about returning your Bally product? Just holler. We’re here to assist and make sure your experience with us is as smooth as a perfect free throw.

At Bally, we’re all about making sure you have the right gear for your game. If it’s not working out, we’re here to make things right, so you can get back to playing and enjoying the sport you love.