Bally Shipping Policy – Rolling Your Favorite Balls to Your Door!

Hey there, Sports Stars! Ready to get your hands (or feet) on some Bally balls? We’re just as excited as you are to send them bouncing, rolling, and flying your way! Here’s how we make sure your new sporty companions reach you.

Kick-Off: From Our Court to Yours
Once you’ve scored the perfect ball from our lineup, we’re on the ball! Picture us, packing your choices with the same care as if we were setting up for the big game.

Delivery Times: Faster than a Fast Break
We know the anticipation is real! We aim to ship your order quicker than a soccer player on a breakaway. Depending on where you’re located, it might take a few days to a week. Keep an eye on your email for tracking details – it’s like the play-by-play commentary of your order’s journey.

Worldwide Plays: Shipping Across Borders
Living in a far-off land? No sweat! We ship globally because we believe everyone deserves a good game. Note that it might take slightly longer, and there may be extra charges, but we promise it’s worth the wait.

Shipping Fees: Keeping it Fair and Square
Just like in sports, fairness is key. Shipping fees vary based on your location and the size of your order, but we always aim to keep it reasonable – no unnecessary fouls here.

Handling with Care: Like Precious Game Balls
Your order is precious to us from the moment it leaves our hands. We ensure it’s packed securely and safely, ready to endure its journey to you, much like a ball bracing for that first powerful kick.

Missed Delivery? No Red Card Here!
If you miss the delivery, no worries – it happens in the best of games. The courier will likely try again or leave you instructions on how to collect your package. It’s like a rain check for a rained-out game!

Questions? We’re in Your Team!
Any inquiries about shipping? Feel free to give us a shout. We’re here to assist and ensure your experience with Bally is as smooth as a well-executed play.

So, gear up and get ready! Your new Bally sports equipment is about to make its grand entrance into your game.