4 Importance of Yoga for Kids and You Cannot Deny if Want them Grow

We all know this very well; we are living in a competitive world and this competition getting hard every day. Everyone in today’s era is fighting for something and this competitiveness almost leading everyone to stress and many other critical diseases.

Unfraternally, our kids are the one who is suffering the most and they have huge pressure on their small shoulders of getting good grades, getting admission in best schools and best colleges/universities. That is the only reason almost every day we hear news about student suicides and these cases are increasing every day.

According to the articles of times of India and economic times, more than 10,000 students committed suicide in 2018.”

 Not only the weak or poor students are committing suicide but students from the best schools and universities are also committing suicides. We had seen many cases from IIT’s too the best colleges in the country.

Every parent tries to give the best lifestyle to their kids, everyone wants to grow them then why cases of suicide are increasing every day. There may be multiple reasons behind all this and due to all those reasons, negative thought took over them.

Let’s have a look to understand how yoga and meditation can help our kids to boot positivity in their life.

1. Focus –

By practicing yoga, your kid can be more focused and positive in attitude. Yoga can be a mental or physical activity. It all depends on the practices you choose, and it is very important to choose the right practice for the right time.

Yoga allows your energy to flow freely within your body so you can focus more, and you can feel energetic too.

2. Boost Immune System –

Physical yoga allows to flow your energies in your body freely and helps you to reduce stress and which results in calms the nervous system which compromises your immune system.

Aim to do 20 minutes yoga and 15-20 minutes of meditation just after yoga or you can plan 15 – 20 minutes of meditation every day and at least 30 minutes of yoga twice a week.

3. Peace of Mind/Stress –

The mental form of yoga, which is also known as meditation, it allows your kid’s mind to rest and settle down in peace which helps your immune system to feel rested and allows to flow the energy.

When your immune and mind are in the calm mode it avoids all the negative energies or negative thoughts and helps you to focus more.

4. Body Flexibility –

In yoga, we have hundreds of poses to practice. Why we do yoga and why these poses are important?

 In this modern era, we have technology for almost everything from our kitchen to ordering food online and which develops a sense of laziness inside our body and which also lead to and allow negative energies to flow in our body.

 All these yoga poses are designed and help you to keep you energetic and allow the flow of energy in our body. Practicing yoga maintains the balance of doshas, a balanced state of doshas is health.

Conclusion –

There is no magic to teach yoga or meditation to kids. It takes times, patience, and a commitment towards the happier and healthier life for our kids. There is no better time to make a commitment to give good life to kids and allow them to grow in the way they want to grow – your future self will be glad you did this for your kids.

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