How to answer “Why” kids question?

But, Why, mommy? Why, why, why?

I hear this “Why” more than hundred times in a day from my daughter. She asks the question over and over, whenever I tell or ask her to do anything. Sometimes, I begin to be answering her one ‘why’, she is already asking another one about by explanation.

What is the meaning of “Why”?

“Why?” is the first question that most toddlers learn to ask. It is a powerful question for a young mind. It is a short word, easy to pronounce, and it causes an adult to gleefully engage with the adorable child immediately as she attempts to respond. This attention reinforces the youngster to keep asking, “Why, Why, Why?”

In these early years of language and mindset development, she did not understand that she is asking a question. She also did not comprehend your respond too. As she grows older and her understanding and capacity for language improves, she will be asking the “Why”, lesser day by day.

How to Respond – Best ways to respond to “Why?”

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Best ways to respond to kids

In order to teach her, how to be more thoughtful and responsible about when to ask “Why?”, The best way to respond to “Why?”, is you should ask her the same question by asking “Why do you think?”. You will be surprised and get an understanding about her mindset growth about various things related to daily life or related to questions.

Some purposes of asking a counter question:

  1. It will take child off “why” auto-pilot.
  2. It will show you and her that she knows more thank you think she does.
  3. It will make exercise her brain, rather than rely on you to provide her with all the answers.
  4. I will also increase the conversation between you and her, if she really does not knows the answer it opens and discussion. Having a discussion with your child is always very useful. It will help you to understand her thoughts even you will also get an understand what is going in their personal life (in school or with friends).


Children’s mind is designed in such a way to ask a question and most particular for “Why?”, it is an easy word to pronounce. You should respond to their “Why?”, and try to have a conversion with them. It will help you to understand how much they know and helps you to understand what is going in their life.

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